201MC: Internship 3


I’ve now been at Vanny Radio Station completing my internship for 2 months now and I feel very confident and happy with what I am doing, although it is clearly not a full time job because I have to put my hardest into University work I am making big strides in understanding what life will be like after University in a full time job. As time goes on I am been given more and more responsibility with the company, even with small things such as passwords into different accounts and making sure that everything is locked up when I am the last to leave in the day.

I am still managing the Social media accounts and have seen good progress with these and slowly it is helping the station get more viewers. Progress is being made with the website. I have had input into the colour schemes and the layout of the website and what pages should go where. And content about the DJ’s have been created, which is also been used to send out Email advertisements to different local companies for sponsorship for both our company and theirs. I feel comfortable within my job role and feel as though I am appreciated by everyone there. I try my best to get the jobs done to the very best of my ability because I know that I am not just representing myself when I do these tasks I am representing the company. So proofreading emails doesn’t sound very exciting but in the grand scheme of things its very important to do because small mistakes like these could portray the company in a bad light.

I’m very pleased I was given this opportunity to work for this company I have learnt a lot over the past two months and that is thanks to myself and the people who trust me within the company. I now can say I have worked with a media based company handling Social media account, sending and proof reading emails, and having a big impact on the companies branding.


201MC: Internship 2


So far I am 1 month into my Internship at Vanny Radio in Coventry. I am attending around 2 or 3 times a week for a few hours at a time with more work being done outside the office. I am mainly just managing the twitter account and Facebook account and trying to increase the followers. Within the first week of me working the account had gained over 100 more followers, and when speaking with the manager I had given he ideas on ways that could increase the number of listeners to his show. For example I know that a lot of the tweets were about DJ’s appearing on the show but many of them didn’t have a link to find where the show was. So I suggested to him that after majority of the tweets make sure that there is a link to the to the station.

Other accomplishments within this month was gathering content for the new website that they are planning to make. We had taken photos of the DJ’s and are now in the process of getting more information about them to create a page purely based on the DJ’s and what kind of show the viewers can expect to find when listening to them. Because each DJ is different. Each of them have a different style something others wont have. The viewers then can decide on when to tune in and when they can next listen to their favourite DJ.

I feel like I have come a long way within this first month. Making a good impression is always important and so far I think I have done with this. I have made sure that I turn up on time always and make sure that I get along with everyone in the office. This internship means a lot to me and I want to do everything that I can to make sure that I make a good impression of myself. I will continue to work hard around my studies to try and improve the marketing techniques for this company

201MC: Filming in Prague

Within my Time in Prague we set out to make a movie.This was the first time I had ever done official work outside the U.K. The role that I applied for was the role that I was given. That role was Director of photography. I wanted to be this role because in previous tasks and projects I have worked on I have enjoyed working with and behind the camera.

When it came to the meetings majority of people were very good. We turned up on time and we were very enthusiastic about the project that we were given. We had two solid ideas for the story we wanted to use for our short film. When it came to filming out in Birmingham and in Prague I feel that was where I learnt the most. Personally I wanted to go into the shoots knowing exactly what I had to do as a director of Photography. Having weekly meetings with the cameraman and director really helped this.

We was able to work well with each other, and know what we had to do on set. There was only so much you could plan for the lighting because you wouldn’t know how it would look on camera until the day, thankfully we had given ourselves enough time to try out a few different things on the day, which ended up working very well for us. I myself have learnt a lot about the process of making a short film, and feel this has really helped me in my 201 professional development. From everything such as meeting with the actors for a table read, right to making sure our actors were treated in the best possible way, it really did feel like a professional film set. Learning the role from other people through the Internet, to meeting a director and working D.O.P. We all put a lot of work into the film both on and off the set.

201MC: Costume Company Work


Over the past week our group has found some freelance work for us to do. The opportunity was a great chance for us to work with a great costume company in Coventry. We have spoke to them about taking photos for their website. They have a new selection of clothing that they wanted us to take photos for. For booked out the equipment needed for the shoot such as A Cannon 70d, L.E.D panel lights and reflectors. We also got in models for the shoot. But this was were the first problem occurred. On the day we didn’t have a proper location to shoot at and the models didn’t show up on the day. This made us look unprofessional. We done the best that we could with what we had on the day.

But overall we wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the photos. I myself tried to save the photos in the editing process but I couldn’t do much with any of them. They wasn’t up to a standard that I would of liked. So instead of trying to use them and putting them onto the website, we thought the best decision to do is to redo the shoot again another time. We apologised to the company and they were fine with it because they understood the problem that we had, although this does slightly affect our credibility it is better than having a half job done. Now next time we can learn from the mistakes such as booking out a proper area to do the shoot, and having reliable models for the shoot too. We are still very much looking forward to doing this tsk with a great local company in Coventry and improving ourselves as professionals

201MC: My New Internship


This week I have managed to get myself an internship at a radio Company in Coventry. I spent a lot of time applying to places in Coventry and London and this Company got back to me saying they were interested in my C.V. They said that they wanted me to come to an interview and see if we could work something out. This was a huge moment for me because this was the first time a Media based company had got back to me. When I went to the interview we spoke about the company itself what it plans to do and what it is already achieving at this time. The person interviewing me said he liked my C.V and how much work I had already done with the University and Freelancing work.

This put me in a strong position, towards the end of the interview he asked me what I could bring to the company. I said ‘I’m a person who does not give up on what he is doing and I always put in 100%’. I also used the work that I HAD completed as well as my grades to convince him that I was a good option for the Company. He said the role that I would take up would be on the marketing team working on how to attract more followers on their social media. I enjoy using social media and know how to do this already so this was something that I was comfortable going into. He said to me that there would be other projects that I would be working on over the time period. He wanted me to work until next year but the fact that he couldn’t pay me for the internship I had to turn it down and say that I could only work until the end of May. This still gives me around 3 months with this company which is plenty of time to learn this particular job role within the company.

This experience has given me real confidence. I didn’t think I would be able to find a placement like this in a media based job. I felt confident going into the interview because I am a person who doesn’t get nervous when speaking to other people in interviews. I’m pleased with how the interview went and extremely pleased that I have secured a placement for the next three months.

201MC: Arty Folks


I found a charity that was looking for help. I felt this would be a great opportunity for me to increase my freelancing work. The charity was close to reaching 1000 likes on Facebook and they wanted help with promoting there charity and to people understand why the charity is there and what support it can provide for people. I had never worked with a charity before, especially not filming for them. No one there had a media background so the task of creating these videos were put on us, which in a way was good because it gave us freedom to create content but at the same time quite daunting because we didn’t know if they would like with the idea that we went with.

When we turned up on the day to film for the charity many people had come along to see the filming day and participate in the interviews. The idea that we came up with would be for the people at Arty Folks to get involved and help promote them. Some were shy to do this but many were very much on board. We didn’t want to create a serious surrounding. We tried to make it light hearted and fun for the people there. We booked out the equipment that we needed like a cannon Camera, and tripod and some L.E.D lights and made sure they worked so we wouldn’t have any problems when we got there.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the day, we got what we needed and when we gave them the final product for their Facebook page they were very happy with what we had created from them. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner and creating content that our clients liked was a great accomplishment.

201MC: Filming Fecning 3

We now have filmed three times with the fencing team. We had some problems for a few weeks because we could not get a hold of the coach and when we went to film they would be at training at the time they should. Obviously training had been cancelled but to us we did not know this which made it difficult for us because we didn’t know what to do. It’s problems like this that you really learn the most through this process, not about what you’ve done well because you already know how to do that. This problem slowed us down but it did however give us more time to think about what other shots can we get.

The one thing that we were struggling with was the fact a lot of the shots that we were getting looked similar and we wanted to get something different. So we came up with the idea of using GoPro’s. This idea was good because it didn’t slow us down when it came to filming because of we had to do was press record and mount it onto the people training/fighting at the time. This gave us a really good 1st person view of what it would be like if you joined the fencing team. It’s a quick contact sport and having a first person angle really gave a good insight to what fencing is and why so many people play it here in Coventry. We tested all equipment before we used it to make sure we didn’t have any problems this time and more people were willing to do interviews including the coach this time because of how well it went the time before.

This was the last time that we were filming with the fencing team, they were very pleased with us by the end of this week and we got along with them very well, we had a good working relationship. We got a lot of different shots this week including some more interviews with players and the coach, which would give us a lot to use in the edit. I was pleased we had this amount of footage because compared to the first time we filmed we had about half the amount of footage we had this time and more footage gives us more options for the final edit that we would send off to other students

201MC: Filming Fencing 2


Recently we went to film for the second time for the Coventry University Fencing team. The first time went well but we made a mistake of not checking our equipment before we left which was a mistake for us because it meant that we couldn’t get all the footage we needed. This time we planned to meet earlier in the day to make sure that all of the equipment that we are using works properly so that we didn’t encounter any problems when we went to film. Luckily the fencing coach or team didn’t know about this mistake that we made, this could have been bad for us because it would of made us look unprofessional in front of clients. We was able to sort out our problem and get on with the work that we had to do. We came over this problem and accomplished the goals that we had set out.

This time around things went very smoothly because of the mistake we made in the first session. We went in knowing what we had to do and we now have a good relationship with the coach. One thing that I have learnt is that you always put your client first, because in the long run it will benefit you because they’ll help you out to get what is needed done in the right way. We booked out 2 cannon cameras with different lens’. We also booked out an ‘editrol’ and supporting mic so that we could capture interviews with the coach and some of the members of the fencing team. We also booked out a heavy duty tripod and a shoulder rig to capture moving shots of them training and fighting.

One thing that we noticed in the first shoot was that a lot of the shots that we were getting were to stable, we were struggling to get action shots and close ups, we spoke to the coach and we were able to get closer to the fighters this time, which worked out very well for us. Also when it came to doing the interviews it went very well, a few were nervous to be on camera but we pretended that we wasn’t filming to settle their nerves and it worked well, we gave them ‘practice’ questions and they were very open with their answers. Which is something we were looking for. Overall I learnt a lot through this session, how to deal with coaches and work around the problems we encountered.

201MC: Filming Fencing 1


For this Part of the Module we have been given two sports teams, in which we have to film and create small promotional videos for the University Promoting these teams. The teams that we were given were fencing and Archery. I was pleased with the teams that we were given because they were sports that I have never involved myself in, so it would be a challenge for me creating content and trying to understand the sport that we were filming. I felt the first thing that I should do is research into the Sport itself, and learn some of the terminology. I wanted to do this because when turning up to film in a professional environment it would look bad on us if we didn’t understand the sport. It would make us look unprofessional and the whole idea of this is to better ourselves and learn how to change into professionals within our field. I worked out that when turning up the first time that this was a very good idea for us to do this. We was able to communicate with the coaches in a professional manor and know where to be to get the shots that we needed.

For our first time filming at fencing I felt it went well considering the problems that we encountered. At first before leaving we wanted to capture some interviews with some of the players of the team, we booked out all of the necessary equipment and when we got there to use the mic for audio it failed on us. This in a way was our fault, because we should of checked the equipment was working before we left for filming. Although this did give us more time to film for the promotional video, of them training and fighting competitively. We spent two hours with them, and managed to not get in the way of what they had to do and we got the footage we needed. The fencing team was very pleased with the outcome of the session and they praised us highly.