201MC: Internship 3


I’ve now been at Vanny Radio Station completing my internship for 2 months now and I feel very confident and happy with what I am doing, although it is clearly not a full time job because I have to put my hardest into University work I am making big strides in understanding what life will be like after University in a full time job. As time goes on I am been given more and more responsibility with the company, even with small things such as passwords into different accounts and making sure that everything is locked up when I am the last to leave in the day.

I am still managing the Social media accounts and have seen good progress with these and slowly it is helping the station get more viewers. Progress is being made with the website. I have had input into the colour schemes and the layout of the website and what pages should go where. And content about the DJ’s have been created, which is also been used to send out Email advertisements to different local companies for sponsorship for both our company and theirs. I feel comfortable within my job role and feel as though I am appreciated by everyone there. I try my best to get the jobs done to the very best of my ability because I know that I am not just representing myself when I do these tasks I am representing the company. So proofreading emails doesn’t sound very exciting but in the grand scheme of things its very important to do because small mistakes like these could portray the company in a bad light.

I’m very pleased I was given this opportunity to work for this company I have learnt a lot over the past two months and that is thanks to myself and the people who trust me within the company. I now can say I have worked with a media based company handling Social media account, sending and proof reading emails, and having a big impact on the companies branding.