201MC: Filming in Prague

Within my Time in Prague we set out to make a movie.This was the first time I had ever done official work outside the U.K. The role that I applied for was the role that I was given. That role was Director of photography. I wanted to be this role because in previous tasks and projects I have worked on I have enjoyed working with and behind the camera.

When it came to the meetings majority of people were very good. We turned up on time and we were very enthusiastic about the project that we were given. We had two solid ideas for the story we wanted to use for our short film. When it came to filming out in Birmingham and in Prague I feel that was where I learnt the most. Personally I wanted to go into the shoots knowing exactly what I had to do as a director of Photography. Having weekly meetings with the cameraman and director really helped this.

We was able to work well with each other, and know what we had to do on set. There was only so much you could plan for the lighting because you wouldn’t know how it would look on camera until the day, thankfully we had given ourselves enough time to try out a few different things on the day, which ended up working very well for us. I myself have learnt a lot about the process of making a short film, and feel this has really helped me in my 201 professional development. From everything such as meeting with the actors for a table read, right to making sure our actors were treated in the best possible way, it really did feel like a professional film set. Learning the role from other people through the Internet, to meeting a director and working D.O.P. We all put a lot of work into the film both on and off the set.