201MC: Costume Company Work


Over the past week our group has found some freelance work for us to do. The opportunity was a great chance for us to work with a great costume company in Coventry. We have spoke to them about taking photos for their website. They have a new selection of clothing that they wanted us to take photos for. For booked out the equipment needed for the shoot such as A Cannon 70d, L.E.D panel lights and reflectors. We also got in models for the shoot. But this was were the first problem occurred. On the day we didn’t have a proper location to shoot at and the models didn’t show up on the day. This made us look unprofessional. We done the best that we could with what we had on the day.

But overall we wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the photos. I myself tried to save the photos in the editing process but I couldn’t do much with any of them. They wasn’t up to a standard that I would of liked. So instead of trying to use them and putting them onto the website, we thought the best decision to do is to redo the shoot again another time. We apologised to the company and they were fine with it because they understood the problem that we had, although this does slightly affect our credibility it is better than having a half job done. Now next time we can learn from the mistakes such as booking out a proper area to do the shoot, and having reliable models for the shoot too. We are still very much looking forward to doing this tsk with a great local company in Coventry and improving ourselves as professionals


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