201MC: My New Internship


This week I have managed to get myself an internship at a radio Company in Coventry. I spent a lot of time applying to places in Coventry and London and this Company got back to me saying they were interested in my C.V. They said that they wanted me to come to an interview and see if we could work something out. This was a huge moment for me because this was the first time a Media based company had got back to me. When I went to the interview we spoke about the company itself what it plans to do and what it is already achieving at this time. The person interviewing me said he liked my C.V and how much work I had already done with the University and Freelancing work.

This put me in a strong position, towards the end of the interview he asked me what I could bring to the company. I said ‘I’m a person who does not give up on what he is doing and I always put in 100%’. I also used the work that I HAD completed as well as my grades to convince him that I was a good option for the Company. He said the role that I would take up would be on the marketing team working on how to attract more followers on their social media. I enjoy using social media and know how to do this already so this was something that I was comfortable going into. He said to me that there would be other projects that I would be working on over the time period. He wanted me to work until next year but the fact that he couldn’t pay me for the internship I had to turn it down and say that I could only work until the end of May. This still gives me around 3 months with this company which is plenty of time to learn this particular job role within the company.

This experience has given me real confidence. I didn’t think I would be able to find a placement like this in a media based job. I felt confident going into the interview because I am a person who doesn’t get nervous when speaking to other people in interviews. I’m pleased with how the interview went and extremely pleased that I have secured a placement for the next three months.


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