201MC: Arty Folks


I found a charity that was looking for help. I felt this would be a great opportunity for me to increase my freelancing work. The charity was close to reaching 1000 likes on Facebook and they wanted help with promoting there charity and to people understand why the charity is there and what support it can provide for people. I had never worked with a charity before, especially not filming for them. No one there had a media background so the task of creating these videos were put on us, which in a way was good because it gave us freedom to create content but at the same time quite daunting because we didn’t know if they would like with the idea that we went with.

When we turned up on the day to film for the charity many people had come along to see the filming day and participate in the interviews. The idea that we came up with would be for the people at Arty Folks to get involved and help promote them. Some were shy to do this but many were very much on board. We didn’t want to create a serious surrounding. We tried to make it light hearted and fun for the people there. We booked out the equipment that we needed like a cannon Camera, and tripod and some L.E.D lights and made sure they worked so we wouldn’t have any problems when we got there.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the day, we got what we needed and when we gave them the final product for their Facebook page they were very happy with what we had created from them. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner and creating content that our clients liked was a great accomplishment.


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