Short Film contextualisation

What is Short Film? According to the Academy of Motion pictures a Short film is a film that is under forty minutes including credits. When film started back in 1894 all films were classed as Short films. A popular example of this would be ‘Kinetoscope’. But as the industry grew along with technology it gave directors the chance to edit longer film. As time progressed feature films were created and become the normality within Film, because it was what audiences expected. Although many Short films were still produced by the likes of Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison feature films took the front seat in the film industry.

The reason for many Short films being created is the fact the people creating it does not have the funding to create a feature length film. A film that I looked closely into was a Short film created by Antonio Oreña-Barlin called ‘Drawcard. This film was made back in 2015 by Adam Dunn, Thomas Mittchell and Oreña-Barlin. The short film is a live action comedy about an office worker that has been pranked, and wants to find a way to get his own back, but it badly backfires. There are many moments in the film were the plot twists and thickens, it makes for a very easy watch, with many laughs throughout. This film had and extremely low budget, but it didn’t matter because it didn’t lessen the film in any way. Many Short films that are produced have extremely low budgets. Because of the fact many Short films are created because of low budgets, it opens doors for many young people such as students, and it acts as a great introduction into film production.’Short films really helped me develop as a story teller, animator, and as a director.’ (John Lasseter)

There are many ways that Short films are funded. One that is used very often at the moment is crowd funding. An option that is very popular at the moment is creating a page on sites such as ‘gofundme’ and ‘indigogo’. The way they get people to give money is by giving them access other people don’t have to the Short film. Such as behind the scenes content and personally messages and autographs from the actors and directors that feature in the film. Through this people can donate a certain amount they want to reach the funding goal created by the people creating the Short Film. Social Network is a very good way to promote these pages and that’s what many creators do to fund the film that they are making. Taking away equipment used such as cameras, lighting and sound equipment majority of Short films do not spend much money on set compared to Hollywood feature films that have over three million pound budgets.

That’s what makes short film so interesting is that anyone can make one. In the 88th academy awards a joke was made about the nominees of ‘Best Short Film’ about the fact this is the ‘biggest moment of their lives’ and ‘it wont get better than this for you’ by Luis CK. Even at the most prestigious film event in the World the budgets for these films are extremely low. Once the Short film is made and completed edited, they are then sent out to film festivals. Some film festivals are dedicated just for Short film such as ‘Kinofilm’ and one that I an very interested in ‘London Short Film festival’ Majority of Film Festivals have a entrance fee, so to have a chance of being nominated you have to pay a fee. The film I spoke about ‘Drawcard’ was entered into Australia’s largest Short film festival called ‘Tropfest’. The people that created this Comedy Short film had to pay $45. This film was nominated for an award in this festival and received very good reviews. Because of this the Short film was been viewed over 15,000 times including views from Youtube, Vimeo, and the Tropfest Site. In some film festivals, bigger film companies often buy films that are nominated and films that win awards for a fee. They do this because then that film company owns all rights to that film. Another route that Short films that can place is that the creators can be approached by larger film companies and given the opportunity to create a feature length film based on the Short. There are many examples of this that have succeeded such as ‘Napoleon Dynamite 2004’, Mad Love 2015’. The very famous film franchise ‘Saw’ was based on a short film to begin with.

When creating a Short film I saw a quote that was used a lot. ‘Show, don’t tell’. This I feel is very important when thinking about short film. The whole point in creating a Short film is because you want to get across your point within a short period of time. There is no room for pointless scenes or ‘filler’ scenes because if you wanted that then you would just create a feature. Short films are quick paced, but thought is not forgotten. They tend to use visuals rather than dialog to tell the story, as it’s quicker for the audience to read subconsciously. Most Short films are also of a single moment rather than it spread out over a period of time. This runs very true for the film that I looked into ‘Drawcard’. It was quick paced and it happened over a period of less than a day just like many short films are. Majority of Live action Short films are either based on a true event or based on a memory from the creator of the Short film. This makes it very easy to construct as a short film, because a live action piece would normally take place within 25 seconds to 40 minutes, so it’s easy for the creator to turn memory into a Short film. There were relatable characters and a plot that keeps you gripped all the way until the end. It haves everything a Short film should have.

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201MC: My New Internship


This week I have managed to get myself an internship at a radio Company in Coventry. I spent a lot of time applying to places in Coventry and London and this Company got back to me saying they were interested in my C.V. They said that they wanted me to come to an interview and see if we could work something out. This was a huge moment for me because this was the first time a Media based company had got back to me. When I went to the interview we spoke about the company itself what it plans to do and what it is already achieving at this time. The person interviewing me said he liked my C.V and how much work I had already done with the University and Freelancing work.

This put me in a strong position, towards the end of the interview he asked me what I could bring to the company. I said ‘I’m a person who does not give up on what he is doing and I always put in 100%’. I also used the work that I HAD completed as well as my grades to convince him that I was a good option for the Company. He said the role that I would take up would be on the marketing team working on how to attract more followers on their social media. I enjoy using social media and know how to do this already so this was something that I was comfortable going into. He said to me that there would be other projects that I would be working on over the time period. He wanted me to work until next year but the fact that he couldn’t pay me for the internship I had to turn it down and say that I could only work until the end of May. This still gives me around 3 months with this company which is plenty of time to learn this particular job role within the company.

This experience has given me real confidence. I didn’t think I would be able to find a placement like this in a media based job. I felt confident going into the interview because I am a person who doesn’t get nervous when speaking to other people in interviews. I’m pleased with how the interview went and extremely pleased that I have secured a placement for the next three months.

201MC: Arty Folks


I found a charity that was looking for help. I felt this would be a great opportunity for me to increase my freelancing work. The charity was close to reaching 1000 likes on Facebook and they wanted help with promoting there charity and to people understand why the charity is there and what support it can provide for people. I had never worked with a charity before, especially not filming for them. No one there had a media background so the task of creating these videos were put on us, which in a way was good because it gave us freedom to create content but at the same time quite daunting because we didn’t know if they would like with the idea that we went with.

When we turned up on the day to film for the charity many people had come along to see the filming day and participate in the interviews. The idea that we came up with would be for the people at Arty Folks to get involved and help promote them. Some were shy to do this but many were very much on board. We didn’t want to create a serious surrounding. We tried to make it light hearted and fun for the people there. We booked out the equipment that we needed like a cannon Camera, and tripod and some L.E.D lights and made sure they worked so we wouldn’t have any problems when we got there.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the day, we got what we needed and when we gave them the final product for their Facebook page they were very happy with what we had created from them. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner and creating content that our clients liked was a great accomplishment.