201MC: Filming Fecning 3

We now have filmed three times with the fencing team. We had some problems for a few weeks because we could not get a hold of the coach and when we went to film they would be at training at the time they should. Obviously training had been cancelled but to us we did not know this which made it difficult for us because we didn’t know what to do. It’s problems like this that you really learn the most through this process, not about what you’ve done well because you already know how to do that. This problem slowed us down but it did however give us more time to think about what other shots can we get.

The one thing that we were struggling with was the fact a lot of the shots that we were getting looked similar and we wanted to get something different. So we came up with the idea of using GoPro’s. This idea was good because it didn’t slow us down when it came to filming because of we had to do was press record and mount it onto the people training/fighting at the time. This gave us a really good 1st person view of what it would be like if you joined the fencing team. It’s a quick contact sport and having a first person angle really gave a good insight to what fencing is and why so many people play it here in Coventry. We tested all equipment before we used it to make sure we didn’t have any problems this time and more people were willing to do interviews including the coach this time because of how well it went the time before.

This was the last time that we were filming with the fencing team, they were very pleased with us by the end of this week and we got along with them very well, we had a good working relationship. We got a lot of different shots this week including some more interviews with players and the coach, which would give us a lot to use in the edit. I was pleased we had this amount of footage because compared to the first time we filmed we had about half the amount of footage we had this time and more footage gives us more options for the final edit that we would send off to other students