201MC: Filming Fencing 2


Recently we went to film for the second time for the Coventry University Fencing team. The first time went well but we made a mistake of not checking our equipment before we left which was a mistake for us because it meant that we couldn’t get all the footage we needed. This time we planned to meet earlier in the day to make sure that all of the equipment that we are using works properly so that we didn’t encounter any problems when we went to film. Luckily the fencing coach or team didn’t know about this mistake that we made, this could have been bad for us because it would of made us look unprofessional in front of clients. We was able to sort out our problem and get on with the work that we had to do. We came over this problem and accomplished the goals that we had set out.

This time around things went very smoothly because of the mistake we made in the first session. We went in knowing what we had to do and we now have a good relationship with the coach. One thing that I have learnt is that you always put your client first, because in the long run it will benefit you because they’ll help you out to get what is needed done in the right way. We booked out 2 cannon cameras with different lens’. We also booked out an ‘editrol’ and supporting mic so that we could capture interviews with the coach and some of the members of the fencing team. We also booked out a heavy duty tripod and a shoulder rig to capture moving shots of them training and fighting.

One thing that we noticed in the first shoot was that a lot of the shots that we were getting were to stable, we were struggling to get action shots and close ups, we spoke to the coach and we were able to get closer to the fighters this time, which worked out very well for us. Also when it came to doing the interviews it went very well, a few were nervous to be on camera but we pretended that we wasn’t filming to settle their nerves and it worked well, we gave them ‘practice’ questions and they were very open with their answers. Which is something we were looking for. Overall I learnt a lot through this session, how to deal with coaches and work around the problems we encountered.