Formats Task 9 T.V Show Evaluation

When thinking of Idea’s for our show we wanted to come up with something original and something that hasn’t been done before. I really wanted to focus on gaming because it is something that is growing worldwide online, on sites such as Youtube and Twitch. With some gaming channels gaining over 25 Million Subscribers. The show consisted of two presenters and two teams including one presenter each. There were three rounds to decide who are the real ‘Game Warriors’. The show itself was called Game Warriors. We all chose this name because we felt like it was a good catchy name that would appeal to many people. The show was about winning and that’s it. This keeps the audience involved and entertained at all times.

The show would be broken down into three rounds. The first round being the Game Round. There would be 8 games one would be randomly picked. Whatever the game was one team member from each team would play the game and whoever won gained points for that round. In our show the chosen game was Mario Kart. We wanted this game because it was family friendly, it appeals to all ages, and it’s entertaining to watch. Some of the members of the group are into online gaming and watching games, whilst some others weren’t. This was good because we had a blend of people who we had to win over how the game would be entertaining. We did this by instead of showing the whole game we would only show the highlights of the race, such as important take overs and mistakes that put others head. This was to make sure the audience were constantly on there seats rather, then them watching a whole 4 minute race, we understood that this would be boring for the audience.

We then thought about how we could get the audience more involved in the show, rather than having three rounds dedicated just to contestants playing games. We did this by having a quiz round, the questions were still about games, and gaming in general, so we kept close to our theme. We had buzzers were contestants could buzz in if they knew the answer. The first team to buzz in got to answer the question. We felt this way it would keep the pace of the programme high, and when you do that it keeps the audience involved and it allows them to have an input and play along at home.

The final round was our V.T round were our two presenters went outside the studio to win the prize of a games console (sticking with our theme) for their team. We thought is worked well because it added hummer and a lighthearted ending to our show. We wanted to keep our show simple but effective and I feel this works well. All good formats stick to the same theme every week. For our show we could do this easily, all we would have to do is change the contestants and change the games that we play. It’s a solid format, and as audience member you know what’s coming up next, but there’s still an element of surprise because you don’t know what the task or what the game is going to be. Because of this it keeps the show interesting and reaches out to a wider audience.

The things that I felt worked very well were the set of our show. It was simple but with the use of the lights and updated technology it was easy to understand what sort of show you were watching just by looking at the set. We had our shows logo on a big screen to enhance the branding of our show, and so that the audience knew what they were watching, and the groups had opposite coloured shirts on to distinguish which team was what. We had three different areas for our show. We used the space well with what we had, considering the studio is rather small. We had the presenter’s area, were the show starts and were the presenters are normally seen, we then had the quiz area where the contestants would stand and buzz in to answer the questions, and then we had the gaming area where the games would be played. They all had their unique feel to the areas. But we kept to them theme of the show, using black and orange and the team colours with lights to keep to the branding of our show.

If I could improve some things about the show, it would be by having a bigger set, so the scale of the show could be enhanced to live up to its big name ‘Game Warrior’. Also with the presenters have them more involved and up beat with the programme, so it keeps the audience intrigued and involved with the show. I also feel like we could have included more audience interaction with the show. If we had the money maybe we could of incorporated a way where audience members could answer the questions as the game is played either through an app or through the website to make them feel more apart of the show.

I feel like I have learnt a lot from this half of the module. It has taught about how you have to adapt for the audience, and how to keep the audience watching. It’s not as simple as having a good idea. I came up with the gaming idea, but really had to think about what could work and what couldn’t. At first I thought three rounds of gams could work, but you to think about your audience and how you could reach out and expand your audience market and this is what I done. Myself and one other member felt with the branding and the website. This plays a huge part in your show, because if your audience cannot identify with your show, they’re less likely to watch. We wanted to keep our branding simple yet classy. Once you have done this for part of your show you have to do it for all, so we had to work very closely with the set designers to keep the same idea for this. Communication plays a huge part in this process. I didn’t think I would have to be thinking about the set when creating the website, but everything ties into together. Everything has to have a meaning otherwise your show will not be identifiable. Also being a cameraman it was important to think about the studio that we had and how we could make a small space look bigger. We did this by having the different areas. This allowed us to stop filming at certain points and move location so we could film in a different part of the studio. This is something that is new to me because I have only ever filmed live. It makes it harder if anything because you need to think about continuity, and how the show will be edited. I’ve learnt so many things about the length and detail that goes into making a format show.


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