201MC: Filming Fencing 1


For this Part of the Module we have been given two sports teams, in which we have to film and create small promotional videos for the University Promoting these teams. The teams that we were given were fencing and Archery. I was pleased with the teams that we were given because they were sports that I have never involved myself in, so it would be a challenge for me creating content and trying to understand the sport that we were filming. I felt the first thing that I should do is research into the Sport itself, and learn some of the terminology. I wanted to do this because when turning up to film in a professional environment it would look bad on us if we didn’t understand the sport. It would make us look unprofessional and the whole idea of this is to better ourselves and learn how to change into professionals within our field. I worked out that when turning up the first time that this was a very good idea for us to do this. We was able to communicate with the coaches in a professional manor and know where to be to get the shots that we needed.

For our first time filming at fencing I felt it went well considering the problems that we encountered. At first before leaving we wanted to capture some interviews with some of the players of the team, we booked out all of the necessary equipment and when we got there to use the mic for audio it failed on us. This in a way was our fault, because we should of checked the equipment was working before we left for filming. Although this did give us more time to film for the promotional video, of them training and fighting competitively. We spent two hours with them, and managed to not get in the way of what they had to do and we got the footage we needed. The fencing team was very pleased with the outcome of the session and they praised us highly.


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