Film development 260MC

As we are getting closer to the deadline, this is the part where things are slowly starting to come together as a group now. We have all sat down and spoke about the style that we are looking for within our movie. Chris has come up with a shot list/sotryboard for our film, and we have sat down and spoke about the shots and what order we want them in for then we come to film. Here are some of the shots we look to include within our film that Chris drew out:


We have also found a actor to feature in our film, and we have recently sat down with him and discussed the plan and outline for our film. He seems very happy to feature in our film. We were looking for a more professional actor rather than use someone on our course that we knew. One because it wouldn’t look great it someone on our course was featured in our film, and two getting someone with experience would enhance our film dramatically. For him also it gives him more experience working on set with a team. We now have been given individual tasks to test certain shots used within our film. Myself and one other member have been out to scout  different locations that we can use for the exterior shots.  Here is the location that we want to use, because it shows seclusion is is a running theme within our film.



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