Formats Radio Evaluation Task 5

Overall I thought our radio show worked very well. We took the brief in a different light to many other groups, we wanted to stand out and do something different to the norm of creating a drama. We ultimately wanted to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones and try something we haven’t done. In both accounts regarding the task we done this, personally I had never tried presenting before on this module because I wasn’t to sure on how I would be with the pressure of recording, but I thought it would be a good idea to try something new and see how it went. On the other hand as a group we stepped out of what we new and decided on creating a talk show/quiz for the task. Which isn’t something many other groups took into consideration. When looking at the two topics we could of chose from its difficult to find humor in the words ‘Murder’ or ‘Mystery’ but this is the task that we gave ourselves.

I think this style worked very well with our group, simply because of our humor and our friendship as a group. When we first thought of idea’s we wanted to look into fun mystery’s, which was hard to find in the local area so we had to think of ways to get around that, then we came up with the idea that we’d make the show fun rather than the stories. I think this worked very well and really stuck to our target audience of kids to young adults because it can appeal to both because the quiz format we decided to do.

Personally as a presenter at first I thought I would struggle, when I first sat in front of the Microphone I was quite nervous and did stutter a few times and had problems with thinking of things to say on the spot. But after a few times of practice in the studio I found the best way was to think it was just a conversation between three people, and that we wasn’t in the studio at all, and when I done this I think it not only helped me sound more natural and at ease it made the people around me a lot calmer.

The sense of responsibility was quite high but I felt like I took it on board and done the best that I could. After a while and when it came to filming day I was very confident in what I was doing and I feel that came across in the final edit. If there was one thing that I could change it would be the fact that when I was writing the script for myself I should of taken into consideration the words I was using because when writing its easy to discard how the words are pronounced and how they sound together and when it came to filming I struggled to say certain words and had to change the script slightly.


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