Formats Task 6

Before Listening to the Podcast about the Gaming Industry I already knew how popular and how big it was across many platforms such as Youtube. Youtube Gamers can make millions of pounds a year through the content they make. People enjoy watching games, and even more so they enjoy interacting and playing games themselves. This behavior is being picked up by many shows now from the X factor to even ‘Cash in the Attic’. But what I want to focus on and what I have picked up on through listening to this Podcast, is why has it taken so long for T.V to pick up on this. Due to new technology it makes it easier to sit down and watch T.V whilst having access to the Internet. 10 Years ago having this ability to play along at home would nearly be impossible but these days through advances in technology it allows T.V companies to get their audience’s involved. Like it was said on the show ‘people like to interact’ and ‘people would rather play themselves rather than watch’.

It’s about having that 1st person experience, being completely submerged in the show that they are watching. One of the four reasons we watch T.V is to escape from every day life, and giving the audience the chance to get involved in the show does this completely.

Also what I’ve learnt from this is that its clearly a win for both the Show/ T.V company and the audience, because with the use of social media it highlights the popularity of the show is thousands of people are using the shows hash tag, would boosts popularity and brand recognition, and also the audience is getting a sense of involvement with the show, and normally the chance to win a prize at the end of the show. A good point was made that with technology always changing and improving so will the audience interaction. There’s apps used these days were you can play a quiz about a subject you choose with someone else and you can battle it out and find out who’s better on that subject in under 2 minutes, if that’s the case the next stage for T.V would be being able to play the quiz live as the show is aired. It’s impressive to see how far T.V has come, and how it’s always kept up to date and see what the next direction it will go in.


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