Placing your Media into Context Task 4 Part two

Today was the day that we showed our piece. We were very content with what we had made and happy with the interoperation we had on the passage we were given, like I said in the previous post we didn’t want to take it literally, we wanted to give our own take on the piece and create something different that others wouldn’t think from it. Here is a link to the final piece that we showed in our lecture.

The feedback we received was mainly positive but what I want to focus on were the points that could be improved within the clip that we made. Some of the criticism that we received was that within the plot we wanted it to look like the Woman was in the wrong and that as the audience you felt sympathy for the Man, but you didn’t, in fact it was the other way round, they felt sympathy for the Woman because of the colours and the way they were positioned. The mistake that we made was because there wasn’t any dialog we had to really focus on framing, expressions of the actors and the colour lighting that we used. When we first see the Man and the Woman together the Woman is curled up in the conner with the Man standing over her, it makes it seem like his has a higher status than her. That she’s almost scared of him because she doesn’t respond to him, when filming we done this because we felt it would show guilt. At a different point it showed the man with the colour predominately being red which shows anger, and the audience also took this and showing him as the villain, which is something that we didn’t take into consideration. So when doing tasks like that its important to re-evaluate  what you’ve filmed to see what the interoperation is on the piece that we made. Overall we were happy with the feedback we had received, and the points were we have to improve because it means our final short film will be better because we know what we have to improve on.


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