Placing your media production in context Task 4


For this weeks task we had to take a passage from Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and turn it into a short clip, using what we have learnt in previous tasks, with the use of natural and staged lighting. The first thing that we done when we had been given the task was to sit down and understand the passage and come up with an idea to take forward, so we knew what we were doing when we went to film. Here was the passage:

“One day he got there about three o’clock. Everybody was in the fields. He went into the kitchen, but did not at once catch sight of Emma; the outside shutters were closed. Through the chinks of the wood the sun sent across the flooring long fine rays that were broken at the corners of the furniture and trembled along the ceiling. Some flies on the table were crawling up the glasses that had been used, and buzzing as they drowned themselves in the dregs of the cider. The daylight that came in by the chimney made velvet of the soot at the back of the fireplace, and touched with blue the cold cinders. Between the window and the hearth Emma was sewing; she wore no fichu; he could see small drops of perspiration on her bare shoulders.”

We also have to incorporate two staged colours into our clip. When looking at the colours we decided we wanted to use red. Red has many connotations to it, such as danger and anger. We looked at the clip and we got that from the passage, its quite awkward and cold. Everything seems very secluded, so we thought we could use the red to show anger, and the coldness of the blue to show seclusion. When we were thinking of a narrative to go by, we thought it would be difficult to create the scenery, so what we thought we could do is take the emotion, and the concept of the man and the woman in what we thought was a hostile environment, and created our clip from that. Also we want to use the blind affect in the clip because we said it gives a caged affect to the scene that is described in the passage, it adds to the seclusion of the scene, and how locked away the woman is.

When thinking about a plot to this passage, a few of us thought about domestic violence, the fact the woman seems to be locked away like she’s not allowed out, but we wanted to flip that on its head, so we’ve come up with the idea that the woman’s in the wrong and instead of her being locked away by the man, the woman is locking herself away. So far we have a strong idea for the clip we are going to create, and to help us along our way we thought it would be a good idea to go out and experiment with some Roto lights and some coloured gels and diffusers to see the sort of affects we could get, and the different situations we could use those lights in and how affective they will be when using others lights such as LED’s. We gained a lot from doing this and from what we have learned in the previous tasks.


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