Formats Task 5

For this task I chose to look at one of my favourite T.V formats, which is Never Mind the Buzzcocks. This is one of the longest running formats the BBC has ever produced, and only recently has it been cut. The first episode aired in November 1996. The show didn’t make it to its 20th year but was very close in doing so. What made this format stand out was the fact there wasn’t any other like it. It took comedians who knew little about the show and placed them in a team with a artist, the two teams would play different rounds such as the ‘intro’ round were 2 tea members had to try and create the intro of a song and the other member of the team had to guess what the song was. It was a programme shown after the watershed due to the guests and comedians they’d have on the show. It’s interesting to the viewers because they get to see their favorite artists or bands put into a comedic situation, which could work really well for themselves and for their fans or it could go terribly wrong such as when Preston walked off the show when Simon mocked his ex girlfriend. Obviously for Preston this wasn’t great but it made for great T.V and received over 2 million views on Youtube. What was the hook of the programme, why did I tune in every week to BBC 2? Because the show was funny, it was intriguing, you got to snoop into ‘celebrities’ lives and watch comedians time after time tearing into them. Its great entertainment, and the producers knew this. There guests wouldn’t be people like Kanye West or Beyoncé, one because they couldn’t afford them and two, they’re too good for the show, you wanted to see people like Pete Doughty and Amy Winehouse, because majority of the time you knew that at any point something controversial could happen within the boundaries of the show. This happened time and time again, for example when Preston walked off the show, or when one contestant got so made he there a mug across the stage!

To make it even more controversial they’d get the harshest comedians known to T.V to roast the contestants, more well known hosts would be Frankie Boyle and Simon Amstel. Here are some examples that I have spoke about:


Preston walks out on buzzcocks


Frankie Boyle on NMTB

When you saw those people presenting you knew it would be a good show regardless of whom else was there. When looking at the quiz itself, it was never really about the quiz, they used this as a guide for the show yes, but almost always the show would go off in a tangent, and talk about a known artist or a funny story, after a while the presenter would be forced back into the quiz itself, it was a laid back show, which I felt worked very well, it was loose and easy to follow. Which when thinking about the prize replicates the show, the prize was nothing but knowing your team had one. The quiz wasn’t what made the format work so well, it’s who the producers put on that current show is what made it.

Thinking about the set design. It is quite simple and they stick to certain colours to keep continuity. When you see the white black and pink, these colours go very well with each other, and as a frequent viewer I know this is the typical set of the show. It’s bright and it stands out, and its easily recognizable. Also they have branding of the show by having the logo on the que cards. This works well because if your not familiar of the show, or you do not know what your watching, you automatically realize that that’s the logo for the show, it also adds the branding of the show, it create a shortcut for the audience so they know what they’re watching.


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