260MC Task 3

This weeks task has involved me watching different movies and clips form the German Expressionism movement that was very well known back in the 20’s before World War 1. The next part of the task was to use what we had taught ourselves about the movement to recreate a famous scene within a movie. The scene that we chose to recreate was from Skyfall.


We chose the scene were James Bond is brought in and tested with words. Bond is given the task of playing the word association game. We chose this because speed of the scene, and the opportunity to use quick cuts from word to word. Also within the scene it looks closely at the shadows and use of contrast within this clip. When making this clip we used a harsh amount of make up on the faces for close ups, to intensify the contrast and to apply what we had learned from watching movies such as Nosferatu. We used quick cuts and tried to avoid fades to add to the realism of the clip. We used staged lighting also, because it really helped to add to the contrast from the white makeup to the darkened areas formed by shadows. Here is the clip we recreated in the style of German Expressionism, and also a link to the original scene in Skyfall. I hope you enjoy the work we produced.




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