260MC Film Devleopments


At this stage we have completed all the tasks that we have been given and now we have to thin about the final project. We have been given an paining  and we have to use this painting to inspire us into making a film. When we first sat down we were very intrigued by our artist. Our artists was quite strange and had a very interesting background. We want our image to be focused around the wrists thought process rather than the image itself. We are thinking of leaving the literal sense out of our short film. We have all watched specific movies with the genre that we have been given, which is German expressionism. We were very pleased that we got this movement. Because we all have ideas due to the films that we have watched that can be put forward for the film. The use of harsh lighting, and the use of shadows. The ideas that have been thrown around so far is that we could go for more of an abstract piece. We have all seen the film ‘Eraserhead’ and we feel like a piece like this could work very well. The main idea is to focus on the seclusion of our artist and his thought process when making the erotic and sometimes confusing art that he does. The next stage in the process is creating a storyboard and finding location were we can film at.


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