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For our show we wanted to create a quiz show. The people that we have in our group are very upbeat and feel that would would suit more of a fun show rather than a serious drama. The idea that we have is having to contestants in and they have to play the quiz called ‘Mysteries  Mission’ were they will be given selected mystery (within coventry to comply with our given brief) and they need to work out if the mystery is true or not. We’ve seen other radio shows use this quiz style and we think it works very well. When thinking about the audience that this will be shown to, we think ages from 7- 45. We have chose this because its very lighthearted, something everyone can enjoy and get involved in, it also doesn’t take great knowledge to compete too, meaning that it can reach to younger audiences, when thinking of timings of the show, the best time would be 4-6pm because this is the time were parents are picking up their kids from school.


Hello and welcome back to Coventry’s Number one talk show on ‘Outbreak radio ‘, and it’s time for the weekly segment we like to call

Firstly lets welcome back last weeks winner, and back again for his third week in the row now it’s the one the only Tooommm Harris!!!!

Welcome back Tom, you’ve won two weeks in a row, do you think this week will be any different?

Well hopefully today’s contestant will be more of a challenge

now moving onto Tom’s competitor, Kelly Herdisssssss

Welcome to the show Kelly, how are you feeling about todays quiz?

Do you feel you have what it takes to beat are raining champion Tom?

Well Good luck and remember just have some fun

Right the rules are you will be given a Mystery story from Coventry and you need to find out if the mystery is true or if our producers have made it up You have 15 seconds to answer, for every right question you get right, you get a point, its rather simple, the person with the most points at the end of game wins and gets to come back next week and compete again.

And this weeks prize is iss…. A brand spanking Shinny new top of the range Cadburys Chocolate bar!!

Right lets get to it then! Round 1!!!!!!

First Mystery Story

Back in 2014 a man supposedly fell from the sky!, many newspapers and popular sites such as buzzfeed and the daily mail reported that a mystery man who literally arrived from thin air, there were no records of the man existing according to the police.

It is in fact…… True, yes back in 2014 A man turned up in Coventry, speaking verrryyy little English not knowing where he was, and when referred to the police nothing could be found out about this man!

Onto the 2nd mystery of the day, if anyone has just tuned in, we’re playing the weekly game ‘mystery mission’ were 2 contestants have to guess whether these strange spooky mystery’s in Coventry are true or false

The next mystery is…

From the dates roughly around 2004 to 2006 many students living in a particular block in Singer Hall committed suicide, although this wasn’t the first time someone had done this at Singer Halls, in the space of just two years 5 people had committed suicide in the very same block. Thinking it was strange, they called the police to find out whether these incidences were related in any way, but nothing conclusive was ever found.

Ok times up im going to need an answer from both of you!

This one was in fact…. Not true!!!

But very spooky story!

So to the scores as it stands…

We’re going for a quick break now, join us back in a minute for the conclusion of mystery mission!


Welcome back to outbreak Radio, and we are still with our contestants Tom and Kelly for this weeks Mystery mission, and Tom is currently ahead.

And now for the Final round of this weeks Mystery Mission, and this round is the most important, because as you know it’s the double points round!

The third and final mystery

Back last year, many local residences called in to the local radio, and newspapers asking what the strange buzzing noise that could be heard all around Coventry. The noise was coming from the sky according to local residents and the police received over 20 calls regarding the noise.

What do you guys think, is this true or is this a made up story?

This story was in faaacttt, TRUE!!!! Meaning that this weeks winner COMING BACK NEXT WEEK IS… AGAIN TOMMM HARRISSS

Congratulations Tom, you’ve managed to do it again! Your coming back yet again, and also you’ve won this weeks prize a brand new Cadburys chocolate bar.

Thanks to both contestants for coming in today and playing this weeks mystery quiz!

That’s all we have time for unfortunately, if you’ve enjoyed todays shoand want to find out more go to Thanks for tuning and we’ll see you the same time next week! Coming up next is Megan Smith with the travel.

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