Nosferatu was the film that I chose to watch in our group, to broaden my knowlege on the movement we have been given, which is German expressionism. Nosferatu was a horror made back in 1922 by Henrik Galeen, the film was based on the classic novel Dracula. For most parts of the film it uses a quite basic angles, normally medium shots, and rare close ups to tell the story and the surroundings, they use cut scenes to words to show dialog due it being a silent movie. What makes this classic film one that is remembered to this day is the fact it was different to majority made back then, they didn’t use sets to film, hey travelled to Eastern Europe where the film is set. Using an actual castle in Eastern Europe added to the visual affects, and realism of the film. Many films made around that time were made on a very tight budget, and tended to use more abstract lighting to draw attention away from the sets.

But what Nosferatu done that many others couldn’t was combine both incredible sets with remarkable shots that made German Expressionism what it was. Ultimately thats what made this horror so frightening back then, it was the way shadows were used so often when ‘Hitter’ was walking around the premises even though Count Orlok was suppose to be asleep, it added to the suspense of the film, the fear of the unknown, not knowing whether Count Orlok was really there, or it was just ‘Hitter’s’ mind playing tricks on him due to the fact the people of the town wouldn’t take him there. Something that they did make a mistake on was the fact that many of the scenes that were filmed at night were actually filmed on the day, and because it was in black and white they thought they could get away with it, so years later in other edits of the film, the white light was changed to a pale blue to emphasize it was night time.


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