German expressionism


For this weeks weekly task we have to go into our groups that we chose and look into a type of movement, in the lecture they pointed a few movements and what we should be looking at. The one that our group was given was German Expressionism.

The movement began before World war One and reached it peak during the 1920’s. Many of the artists had been well known for serving for their country during these troubling times, and two famous artists from the movement died serving their country, August Macke and Franz Marc. Many people say it was created due to a reaction against the conservative social vales. I think its important to look at the History of Germany of the time which the movement was at its peak. The country was in dark times, they had many political, social and economic problems which led to both the extreme left and extreme right political parties going head to head to overthrow the government at the time, when you look into many movements, many were created during dark times, you would especially understand this with a expressionism movement, people had a lot of built up emotion, mainly bad of course, and they used that as an opportunity to escape and create art, and people watched to also escape from the misery that they lived in. The artists didn’t comply with the traditional values of the art schools of its time. When you look at a German expressional film you will tend to see distorted images, through the use of harsh lighting, the angles that you see are quite basic and straight forward with some close ups, but the use of light is vital. These artists would use staged lights, and look more into clashing colours and shadow movement to tell a story. A few examples of popular films within this movement include ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’ created by ‘Hans Janowitz’, and possibly the most influential and still very well known to this day ‘Nosferatu’ created by ‘S.W Muranu’

For the next part of the task I’m going to watch a film from this movement, and at the end our group will have to create a 1 minute clip recreating a well known scene from a movie using the style that we have been given


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