Place and space Task two


For the second task we were asked to create a one minute video with 6 clips that showed our knowledge of place and space. I wanted to make my location something specific, I knew of people going to places around Coventry. But I wanted mine to have meaning, and to show they I have taken what I have learnt about the passage we were told to read about the use of shots. I wanted to include as many as I can whilst keeping them relevant and as eye capturing as I could. In this I went to a graveyard to capture my minute film. I wanted to create atmosphere with the natural background of birds singing in the background.


Also in the audio there was plane, I thought at the time it would hinder the audio for my film so decided to recreate it, but the more I thought about the clip, and the meaning behind it I chose to keep the original audio for it, it showed separation and the fact life goes on for some after death, people move on but yet we will always have a reminder of the past. I wanted to get a mix of different shots, such as the pans to the more abstract hard contrasting light of some of the shots, some that were purposely over exposed.


Some I chose to use the focus to try and fit different things within the frame at different times rather than taking two cuts. Also from this you understood the position as someone watching. An example is when it focused from being behind the bars to the graves. This showed that they were blocked out somewhere where they couldn’t be, or somewhere they didn’t want to be. Here is the final piece for the second task. I hope you enjoy.



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