T.V Formats Week 1 Lecture


-Easy to pick and follow

– Have a unique hook- a reason to watch

– They have to be repeatable such as x factor or countdown

– They have to include the audience ‘play along ability

– It has to have an element of tension

– Will they or wont they, it has to be a journey for the audience to keep them watching

They also normally have

  • Characters- presenters or contributions
  • Distinctive branding- music/set/theme
  • Transferability

Why formats matter?

Commissioners like them because you can order them in bulk, and that they take up majority of the T.V schedule. News fills up a lot of space, and so does sport but there’s only so much you can have of those, formats are easy to produce, and they make a the most amount of money, because if they are popular you sell the rights to different channels, and different countries. An example of this is Netflix, think of all of the formats on Netflix right now, at some point or another Netflix would have had to pay for the rights to show it on their site.


Deal or no deal

Subject matter?

The subject matter is how much the contestant is going to win, what amount of money is in her box, and will she carry on until the end or will the banker be able to gain the box for a less amount its worth, it’s a gambling show.


It’s a journey you don’t find out what happens until the very end, like a film, it hooks the audience and you watch until the end to find out the outcome of the show!


Every character has a story at the start of the show, for example some go on the show because there a student and they need the money, others are huge fans of the show and want to do their family proud, it adds to the show, and normally makes the show relatable.


It’s a game of ‘chicken’. Will they carry on or will they give up and take the amount of money they are offered. Sometimes it pays off and the contestant makes money but sometimes the mystery banker (who nobody knows) wins and the contestant losses out on money.

Audience interaction?

When watching your show you always put yourself in that position, what would you deal, would you take the bankers deal or would you carry on until the end and take what’s in your box?


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