Radio Studio Practice


Whilst coming up with Ideas we have been practicing in the radio studio, getting to know the mixers and how to set up when it comes to actually creating our show. I have really enjoyed doing this, and when starting the module Karen said if radio isn’t something you have thought about after University it should be after this module, and I completely understand what she means two weeks into the module. I have have a lot of fun with the short amount of time Ive had in the studio so far. I have learnt how to use the different channels correctly depending on what we are doing for our show.

The most important thing that I’ve never really thought about was how you should position yourself when on the radio, at first I was slumped and far away from the radio, we learnt to be present and to keep the audience listening your voice has to be powering, and close to the mic, also when you are slouched your more likely to be monotoned, which again is a big no, being monotoned makes for boring radio, theres only so much the music or fillers can do to keep your audience engaged. Being the presenter for our show means that these are the main things i have to pay close attention to when recording, I want the show to be a good as a it can. I was completely new when I walked in the first time into the Studio at Cov Uni, and I’m not going to lie a bit scared at how many things there are to learn, and the amount of buttons there were in front of me when I first sat down, but in the two short weeks I feel a lot more at ease when I first sit down, I am able to control the mixer for when guests are in, I am able to fade between songs/adverts and when I am back on air, and am still in the process of being a good presenter. I know these things seem very basic but for the first time in the Radio studio I am loving it and learning so much as I go.


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