Radio Show Planning


This week we was given the task to think about ideas for our radio show, to help guide us in the right direction we were given examples for different kinds of shows we could produce. For example we listened to extracts from a talk show, and then we listened to an extract from a radio drama. The brief we have been given means that we have to make it local, it has to be within Coventry.

This gives our group a lot to go from, from the start we wanted to look into a talk show style, because we agreed when listening to radio when there are a number of voices its more engaging, I tend to listen more to what is being said. Also its very spontaneous, anything can happen on the radio, it makes it more exciting for the viewer, and thats what we want our show to be, we want to make it engaging and more exciting. As the presenter and someone who listens to radio i don’t want to hear my voice for the whole 7 minutes that we have and I’m sure that people listening won’t either, I want to a show thats causes controversy, a show where people want to get Involved and tune in and ring us up to add to the debate, or topic of convocation.

Obviously its all well and good saying this but, we need to come up with ideas for the show, In the brief it states the show has to be about a murder of a mystery in Coventry. After looking online I found a story that interests me, the reason it interested me was the fact it made national news around 2 years ago, and nothing has ever been heard of the story since. The newspapers were headlining the story as ‘The Boy Who Fell From The Sky’. Straight away with a headline like this its engaging, and very questionable. The story behind the headline is that A young man had arrived in Coventry not knowing where he was, and he had claimed he had come here from London. But the part that makes this interesting is the fact nothing was known about him, he had been plucked from thin air, It was as he never existed. No police records, no hospital records, nothing authorities could go from. Here are some of the links that i found when looking into this story:


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