Formats Lecture Notes 6th October 2015


Layout of Local radio

  • At the start of the show always welcome the audience
  • Be upbeat and happy to keep the audience engaged
  • Welcome the guests to keep them involved
  • Tell them the ‘menu’ what’s coming up on the show, this os one of the most important parts of the show, it keeps the audience in the know, and could potentially keep the audience listening through the show to get to the point they want.
  • Invite the audience to join in, just like they do on t.v, they create the chance to get involved by twitter or by calling into the show
  • Also by allowing people to call in it gives the show difference, your not just listening to the presenter for an hour straight
  • Also it gives the show different and diverse opinions, which can lead to debates and arguments which makes for a great show.

Why do people listen to local radio?

  • It’s more personalised, such as the traffic news or the local news
  • You have more chance of having your voice heard compared to shows like capital, or radio 1
  • Sports coverage is tailored to specific clubs around the local area, for example you wouldn’t hear updates about Coventry City or the London wasps on big radio shows because they’re not big clubs.

The BBC have called for another review on local radio stations, which could cause cuts, because figures are going down, this could be down to a number of reasons. The audience of local radio has dropped


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