Placing Your Production into context Introduction


Today was the start of a new module. For this module we are required to complete 5 weekly tasks, and create a short film at the end of the module using what we have learnt from the lectures and seminars we have in this term. This week was an introduction to the module, we looked into what is expected of us as producers, and how we can contextualise our work by changing what we doing with a camera .

“If you can photograph the human face you can photograph anything” – Roger Deakins

The quote above is what we used as a starting point for our module, and in our workshop this is what we focused on. We looked at how different lighting and different angles affected the way we look at the subject of the image. For example when you see images of ‘villains’ in a film you will struggle to find them with light in their eyes, by adding light to the eyes it gives them hope, a soul, by taking that away they’re nothing but a blank face, someone that is easier to dislike and unidentify with, this puts your film into context. It’s all about knowing what the audience does and how the audience thinks. Another tip that I find helpful that I didn’t know before today was that when shooting an interview always position the subject of the left hand side of the frame, this is because we automatically read the screen like a book, left to right, so by placing your subject on the left its the first thing they see knowing that they’re the main focus within the frame.  It’s tasks like this that I enjoy the most. Learning the concept and applying it to my work.


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