Egon Schiele


For the main part of our 260MC module we have been given a task were we have to create a short film thats is five to seven minutes long. The short film has to stem from a photograph that we have been given. The friday just gone was the first time that we saw the photograph that our group had been given, and here it is.


We have been told that we shouldn’t focus on making our documentary just yet, but just start to think of ideas for what the short film could be about. When we were given this photo we was very surprised and very nervous because we didn’t know what to think of it. But for us to come out and make a good short film from this we have to stick with it and come up with a strong idea. So we thought the best idea was to come up with our own ideas and see what we interoperate from this photo. The thing I wanted to do before I analyse the photograph was to find out more about the artist, to see more of his work, and understand more about him as a person. Through some research I found out that Egon was born in 1890 in Austria, and growing up loved to paint, but as he carried on his love for art he didn’t like school very much at all, he was very rebellious, and didn’t like to be held back, and when looking at some of his work, this side of him is reflected very strongly. Back in the day that he was painting, nudity wasn’t something that was featured with pride, when looking at the biggest artists of the time such as Picasso whilst his work featured nudity, it was quite hidden and tame. Whereas Egon wanted to celebrate nudity and make it a thing of the norm. An exhibition of his work was shown not to long ago and in a review by the guardian Egon was described as ‘ A man who loved vaginas’. His work was brave and bold, and he liked to push boundaries and wanted to paint what he wanted without thinking about the repercussions or the feedback that he would receive. When linking this back to the short documentary idea, the themes that come to mind are confidence, difference, controversy, and the most obvious one nudity.


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